Waterfront Landing
Smart Growth on the Ground

In October 2005, the District completed a Smart Growth on the Ground (SGOG) process with endorsement from District Council. Waterfront Landing will illustrate the District's commitment to Smart Growth:

Principle 1:
Each Community is Complete
SGOG principles encourage compact, complete communities and infill development which minimizes urban sprawl by utilizing developable land to optimal capacities. Comprehensive residential redevelopment of the former Interfor site supports the District's efforts to efficiently utilize its land base.

Principle 2:
Options to the Car are Emphasized
The proximity of the Waterfront Landing neighbourhood to goods and services in the Downtown Core will encourage residents to use alternative modes of transportation (i.e.: cycling and public transit) in place of private automobiles. The lagoon feature, multi-use waterfront walk, proximity of the Mamquam Blind Channel, and the nearness of shops in the Downtown Core create a lively and appealing pedestrian environment.

Principle 3:
Work in Harmony with Natural Systems
The Waterfront Landing neighbourhood will enhance the existing environmental attributes and wildlife habitat, contribute generous amounts of landscape as open space, provide a significant amount of greenspace (as riparian habitat and for recreation), and create a naturalized lagoon feature which will result in significant enhancements to fish habitat.

Principle 4:
Buildings and Infrastructure are Greener, Smarter and Cheaper
The Waterfront Landing neighbourhood will incorporate alternative development standards, such as narrower road widths, innovative stormwater management measures, and smaller unit sizes which will all encourage the development of more sustainable communities over the long term.

Principle 5:
Housing Meets the Needs of the Whole Community
Waterfront Landing will provide a variety of multi-family housing types, sizes, and price points resulting in the retention of existing residents that may have otherwise left the community due to changing housing needs.

Principle 6:
Good Jobs are Close to Home
This project involves the creation of a complete residential neighbourhood with opportunities for home-based businesses (including live-work) and mixed-use convertible and commercial flex-space (i.e.: coffee shops, restaurant, daycares, etc.), and permanent on-site employment prospects over the long term.

Principle 7:
The Spirit of Each Community is Honoured
Waterfront Landing will be a comprehensively planned, compact, vibrant, environmentally enhanced, sustainable community which embraces the natural setting and features that are celebrated in the Sea to Sky Corridor community.

Principle 8:
Everyone Has a Voice
The project team has held Public Open Houses in June 2005 and December 2005 to inform the community of the intent to redevelop the site and obtain community-wide input prior to making a formal application submission. Also, numerous stakeholder and interest groups have been contacted and consulted as part of the public process. Furthermore, a formal Public Information Meeting was held on April 19, 2006 after the Sub Area Plan was submitted to the District.
Habitat Enhancement
Habitat Enhancement

Open Space Plan
Open Space Plan